Lessons in Flute & Fife in Rooksdown, Basingstoke

Lessons in Flute & Junior Flute

Lessons are available on the flute and, for young beginners, the junior flute. A typical lesson lasts 30 minutes but I also offer the option of 20 minute and 1 hour slots.

With my young beginners I use a tutor book written by myself as part of my Certificate of Teaching training, this was graded as 'Excellent' by the ABRSM assessors.

For those not yet ready to invest in a flute I have a number of instruments (Full size, junior and curved head joint) which can be loaned for trials or rented if required for a longer term.

The junior flute is a very good option for younger beginners and also carries a far more economical price tag. This is close to the real instrument, however, it is much lighter and has a curved head joint bringing the instrument closer to the body. It is silver, has keys and is just like the real thing.

This instrument uses the same finger positions and embouchure and so is a great idea for a very young beginner from approximately 6 years of age. Transfer to a full size instrument is then very easy once the child has grown and ready to progress and they will already have a very good grounding and all the basic required skills. These flutes are approved for use in ABRSM exams up to Grade 3.


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20 minute lessons from just £12

Lessons available weekday evenings and daytimes in 1 hour or 20/ 30 minute slots. (20 minute lessons are only recommended for very young beginners)

Lessons take place in the Rooksdown area of Basingstoke.